Forensic Digital Imaging


The highest quality forensic digital imaging techniques and procedures will be followed to ensure each piece of evidence is photographed in detail for analysis and/or comparisons.

FDI responds to on-site locations to digitally document the scene of a crime or accident using established forensic photography techniques.

Forensic Digital Imaging 4

By following law enforcement standard operational procedures, the images captured by FDI are admissible in a court of law. All the images captured will have metadata that includes date, time, camera settings, and GPS location.

Law enforcement procedures are always being closely watched. Documenting criminal interaction through videos and photography has grown exponentially over the past several years.  Forensic photography, digital capture and management has expanded from the lab worker to the officer on the beat. As the role of digital evidence is increasing, there is a greater need for training in image capture and database management.

We also provide training to agencies with staff who are interested in learning and implementing in-house forensic digital photography.

Image Processing: Analysis, Comparison, Metadata, and Enhancement

FDI utilizes a variety of forensic software and enhancement techniques to perform post processing on images submitted by clients. Strict image enhancement protocol is followed and every step of the process is documented to ensure courtroom acceptability. The enhancement is always performed on a duplicate of the original image so that a comparison could be conducted to show any differences.  The content of the image is never altered, only the way that it is being viewed changes.

FDI photography trainer David Knoerlein, is a certified evidence photographer with over 30 years of professional forensic photography experience. As a court qualified expert, Mr. Knoerlein is able to provide an opinion and testimony on the processes used to accomplish the final results.

Imaging Solutions: Consulting, Evaluation, and Equipment

Imaging solutions are custom designed to meet the client’s specific forensic digital imaging requirements. We consult with you to evaluate your current photographic and image management situation, then develop an upgraded or new solution.  FDI provides a wide variety of forensic digital imaging solutions that include camera station packages for in-lab photography as well as crime scene photography kits.

FDI also provides operational guides, SOPs, and image management recommendations that allow you to capture, store, secure, and retrieve saved images.