Image Management

FDI offers complete photographic and image management services for projects large and small.

While we customize the strategies we use for each project, our general approach includes:

  • Developing a strategic plan for every aspect of photographic documentation
  • Researching equipment and software
  • Researching, developing and implementing standard operational procedures
  • Providing trained personnel
  • Developing an image management system to capture, transfer, and store image files
  • Monitoring and reporting progress and results
  • Maintaining quality control
  • Providing continued support

Examples of Projects

A government entity required by law [National Historic Preservation Act] to contract a cultural resource management (CRM) firm to perform historic documentation of an area prior to a construction project. The CRM firm needs to include photographic documentation for the entire project but has archaeologist on staff with minimal photographic experience. FDI provides all the various types of photographic documentation required for surveys, all phases of excavation, artifact preservation, curation and archiving.

  • Recommend equipment and software
  • Develop the guidelines and procedures for every aspect of photography
  • Provide trained professional photographers OR train your staff
  • Develop a quality control program to ensure consistency
  • Provide scheduled situation/progress reports
  • Provide remote support
  • Develop an archival program for final storage

Read this historic case study of how forensics blended with archaeology in a war torn Iraq to recover the evidence of genocide.

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